Kulhanek & Plan Land Surveyors PC is an active full service Land Surveying firm providing a wide range of land surveying services. The firm specializes in residential and commercial Title Surveys throughout the entire Metropolitan New York area. The counties covered are Bronx, Dutchess, Kings (Brooklyn), Nassau, New York (Manhattan), Putnam, Queens, Rockland, Suffolk, and Westchester. 
In fact the only local area not covered is Staten Island. 

The firm has a solid reputation for providing accurate title surveys, efficiently completed, for properties ranging in size from less than one quarter acre to fifty or more acres. Some of our clients include: all major title companies, abstract companies, banks, funding agencies, attorneys, architects, municipalities, engineers, builders, contractors and homeowners.

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A survey map is a drawing prepared by a licensed land surveyor registered in the State of New York, which depicts the mathematical and physical features of a parcel of land with relation to map lines, deeds of record, and/or other pertinent reference data based upon an actual field survey. (Code of Practice for Land Surveys, N.Y.S.A.P.L.S.)

For the new property owner, the link between the deed description and the reality of standing in his yard is the SURVEY. When there is obvious physical possession, such as fences, walls, and hedge and tree rows (all indicated on the survey) the new owner becomes secure with the knowledge of “where his property is”. On the other hand, when there is no obvious physical possession, the owner sometimes feels that the survey he paid for should also have included a “stake-out” marking his boundaries. For this reason, there exists much misunderstanding of what exactly a survey should and should not include.

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